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Джордж Поуп Моррис (George Pope Morris) (1802-1864)
George Pope Morris (Джордж Поуп Моррис)

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  1. Lines
  2. Lord of the Castle
  3. The Retort
  4. Poetry
  5. The Star of Love
  6. A Hero of the Revolution
  7. The Main-Truck; or, A Leap for Life
  8. King Cotton
  9. Woman
  10. The Origin of Yankee Doodle
  11. Boat-Song
  12. Champions of Liberty
  13. My Mother's Bible
  14. We Were Boys Together
  15. The Croton Ode
  16. “The Dog-Star Rages”
  17. The Tyrant Sway
  18. Oh, Would That She Were Here!
  19. The Ball-Room Belle
  20. O'er the Mountains
  21. Woodman, Spare That Tree!
  22. Lady оf England
  23. The Deserted Bride
  24. The Cottager's Welcome
  25. The Dream of Love
  26. Land-Ho!
  27. The Chieftain's Daughter
  28. Oh, Boatman, Haste!
  29. The Land of Washington
  30. Funeral Hymn
  31. The Soldier's Welcome Home
  32. Thy Will Be Done
  33. Rosabel
  34. Rhyme and Reason
  35. Song of Marion's Men
  36. I'm with You Once Again
  37. Fare Thee Well, Love
  38. The Day Is Now Dawning
  39. The Sword and the Staff
  40. A Legend of the Mohawk
  41. Starlight Recollections
  42. The Flag of Our Union
  43. Janet McRea
  44. Lisette
  45. Wearies My Love?
  46. Bessy Bell
  47. Life in the West
  48. Thou Hast Woven the Spell

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