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George Pope Morris (Джордж Поуп Моррис)

Wearies My Love?

Wearies my love of my letters?
 Does she my silence command?
Sunders she Love's rosy fetters
 As though they were woven of sand?
Tires she too of each token
 Indited with many a sigh?
Are all her promises broken?
 And must I love on till I die?

Thinks my dear love that I blame her
 With what was a burden to part?
Ah, no!—with affection I'll name her
 While lingers a pulse in my heart.
Although she has clouded with sadness,
 And blighted the bloom of my years,
I lover still, even to madness,
 And bless her through showers of tears.

My pen I have laid down in sorrow,
 The songs of my lute I forego:
From neither assistance I'll borrow
 To utter my heart-seated wo!
But peace to her bosom, wherever
 Her thoughts or her footsteps may stray:
Memento of mine again never
 Will shadow the light of her way!

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