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George Pope Morris (Джордж Поуп Моррис)

Thou Hast Woven the Spell

Thou hast woven the spell that hath bound me,
  Through all the sad changes of years;
And the smiles that I wore when I found thee,
  Have faded and melted in tears!
Like the poor, wounded fawn from the mountain,
  That seeks out the clear silver tide,
I have lingered in vain at the fountain
  Of hope—with a shaft in my side!

Thou hast taught me that Love's rosy fetters
  A pang from the thorns may impart;
That the coinage of vows and of letters
  Comes not from the mint of the heart.
Like the lone bird that flutters her pinion,
  And warbles in bondage her strain,
I have struggled to fly thy domain,
  But find that the struggle is vain!

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