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  1. Retirement (Генри ТимродHenry Timrod)
  2. Too Long, O Spirit of Storm (Генри ТимродHenry Timrod)
  3. The Unknown Dead (Генри ТимродHenry Timrod)
  4. Sonnets. 3. Life Ever Seems as from Its Present Site (Генри ТимродHenry Timrod)
  5. Dorothy in the Garret (Джон ТроубриджJohn Trowbridge)
  6. Epigrams. The Second Booke. № 29. A truely liberall man never bestoweth his gifts, in hope of recompence (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  7. Epigrams. The Second Booke. № 41. How to oppose sinister fate. (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  8. Epigrams. The First Booke. № 24. That they may be alike rich, who are not alike abun∣dantly stored with worldly commodities (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  9. Epigrams. The Third Booke. № 28. That vertue is better, and more powerfull then Fortune (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  10. Epigrams. The First Booke. № 26. How to support the contumelie of defamatorie speeches (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  11. Epigrams. The Third Booke. № 15. To one, who was excessively cheerefull, for being recovered of a Fever, wherewith he had beene for a time extreame sorely sha∣ken (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  12. Epigrams. The Second Booke. № 14. That a truly generous mind, had rather give a curtesie, then be resting one, after the presented opportunity to repay it (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  13. Epigrams. The Second Booke. № 30. That the setled quiet of our mind ought not to be moved at sinister accidents (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  14. The New School (Джойс КилмерJoyce Kilmer)
  15. Sanary (Кэтрин МэнсфилдKatherine Mansfield)
  16. In the Rangitaki Valley (Кэтрин МэнсфилдKatherine Mansfield)
  17. Sea Song (Кэтрин МэнсфилдKatherine Mansfield)
  18. The Black Monkey (Кэтрин МэнсфилдKatherine Mansfield)
  19. Ode for the Keats Centenary (Дункан СкоттDuncan Scott)
  20. Rapids at Night (Дункан СкоттDuncan Scott)
  21. The Violet Pressed in a Copy of Shakespeare (Дункан СкоттDuncan Scott)
  22. The Voice and the Dusk (Дункан СкоттDuncan Scott)
  23. At William Maclennan's Grave (Дункан СкоттDuncan Scott)
  24. Were I Man Grown (Элла УилкоксElla Wilcox)
  25. The Bed (Элла УилкоксElla Wilcox)
  26. The Weeping Babe (Кэтрин ТайненKatharine Tynan)
  27. Gratitude (Люси МонтгомериLucy Montgomery)
  28. The Poet (Люси МонтгомериLucy Montgomery)
  29. Morning Joy (Клод МаккейClaude McKay)
  30. On Broadway (Клод МаккейClaude McKay)
  31. To O.E.A. (Клод МаккейClaude McKay)
  32. Heritage (Клод МаккейClaude McKay)
  33. Jasmines (Клод МаккейClaude McKay)
  34. La Paloma in London (Клод МаккейClaude McKay)
  35. Thirst (Клод МаккейClaude McKay)
  36. Bells in the Rain (Элинор УайлиElinor Wylie)
  37. The Falcon (Элинор УайлиElinor Wylie)
  38. Waiting (Роберт ФростRobert Frost)
  39. The Line-Gang (Роберт ФростRobert Frost)
  40. Pea Brush (Роберт ФростRobert Frost)
  41. On a Tree Fallen Across the Road (Роберт ФростRobert Frost)
  42. But Outer Space (Роберт ФростRobert Frost)
  43. The Times Table (Роберт ФростRobert Frost)
  44. An Encounter (Роберт ФростRobert Frost)
  45. The Bonfire (Роберт ФростRobert Frost)
  46. The Mountain (Роберт ФростRobert Frost)
  47. A Brook in the City (Роберт ФростRobert Frost)
  48. The Cocoon (Роберт ФростRobert Frost)
  49. To the Memory of Sarah Livingston (Генри ЛивингстонHenry Livingston)
  50. The IX Ode to Horace (Генри ЛивингстонHenry Livingston)

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