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Джеймс Расселл Лоуэлл (James Russell Lowell) (1819-1891)
James Russell Lowell (Джеймс Расселл Лоуэлл)

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  1. Наружи и внутриWithout and Within
  2. СватовствоThe Courtin'
  3. Music
  4. Farewell
  5. Sonnet
  6. A Dirge
  7. The Poet
  8. To ----
  9. Rhoecus
  10. Disappointment
  11. A Reverie
  12. Why Should We ever Weary of This Life?
  13. I Saw a Gate: a Harsh Voice Spake and Said
  14. She Came and Went
  15. Bellerophon
  16. The Soul Would Fain Its Loving Kindness Tell
  17. A Feeling
  18. A Mystical Ballad
  19. New Year's Eve, 1844
  20. The Serenade
  21. So May It Be, But Let It Not Be So
  22. Fancies about a Rosebud, Pressed in an Old Copy of Spenser
  23. Great Human Nature, Whither Art Thou Fled?
  24. Verse Cannot Say How Beautiful Thou Art
  25. Song (What reck I of the stars, when I)
  26. The Bobolink
  27. Forgetfulness
  28. Might I But Be Beloved, and, O Most Fair
  29. Hakon's Lay
  30. Ianthe
  31. Green Mountains
  32. My Friend, Adown Life's Valley, Hand in Hand
  33. Out of Doors
  34. In Sadness
  35. Song (Lift up the curtains of thine eyes)
  36. The Departed
  37. Flowers
  38. Isabel
  39. Love's Altar
  40. Impartiality
  41. Something Natural
  42. To E. W. G.
  43. Song (O! I must look on that sweet face once more before I die)
  44. The Church
  45. The Unlovely
  46. Love-Song
  47. A Love-Dream
  48. Fourth of July Ode
  49. Sphinx
  50. To a Friend
  51. O Child of Nature!
  52. Song (All things are sad)
  53. The Lover
  54. “Goe, Little Booke!“
  55. The Lost Child

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