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James Russell Lowell (Джеймс Расселл Лоуэлл)

* * *

  Verse cannot say how beautiful thou art,
  How glorious the calmness of thine eyes,
  Full of unconquerable energies,
  Telling that thou hast acted well thy part.
  No doubt or fear thy steady faith can start,
  No thought of evil dare come nigh to thee,
  Who hast the courage meek of purity,
  The self-stayed greatness of a loving heart,
  Strong with serene, enduring fortitude;
  Where'er thou art, that seems thy fitting place,
  For not of forms, but Nature, art thou child;
  And lowest things put on a noble grace
  When touched by ye, O patient, Ruth-like, mild
  And spotless hands of earnest womanhood.

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