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James Russell Lowell (Джеймс Расселл Лоуэлл)


  There's a haven of sure rest
    From the loud world's bewildering stress
  As a bird dreaming on her nest,
  As dew hid in a rose's breast,
  As Hesper in the glowing West;
      So the heart sleeps
      In thy calm deeps,
    Serene Forgetfulness!

  No sorrow in that place may be,
    The noise of life grows less and less:
  As moss far down within the sea,
  As, in white lily caves, a bee,
  As life in a hazy reverie;
      So the heart's wave
      In thy dim cave,
    Hushes, Forgetfulness!

  Duty and care fade far away
    What toil may be we cannot guess:
  As a ship anchored in the bay,
  As a cloud at summer-noon astray,
  As water-blooms in a breezeless day;
      So,'neath thine eyes,
      The full heart lies,
    And dreams, Forgetfulness!

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