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James Russell Lowell (Джеймс Расселл Лоуэлл)

* * *

  Why should we ever weary of this life?
  Our souls should widen ever, not contract,
  Grow stronger, and not harder, in the strife,
  Filling each moment with a noble act;
  If we live thus, of vigor all compact,
  Doing our duty to our fellow-men,
  And striving rather to exalt our race
  Than our poor selves, with earnest hand or pen
  We shall erect our names a dwelling-place
  Which not all ages shall cast down agen;
  Offspring of Time shall then be born each hour,
  Which, as of old, earth lovingly shall guard,
  To live forever in youth's perfect flower,
  And guide her future children Heavenward.

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