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Эмили Дикинсон (Emily Elizabeth Dickinson) (1830-1886)
Emily Elizabeth Dickinson (Эмили Дикинсон)

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  1. Успех всегда так сладокSuccess
  2. Ее бы я не стала ждатьBecаuse I Could Not Stop for Deаth
  3. Я принял смерть — чтоб жила КрасотаI Died for Beauty — but Was Scarce
  4. Твердят, что время лечитThey Say That «Time Assuages»
  5. Не знаем, как велики мыWe Never Know How High We Are
  6. Я знаю, что он живI Know That He Exists
  7. Представь, что маленький цветокTransplanted
  8. Давай забудем, сердце!Heart! We Will Forget Him!
  9. Правдивейшая из ТрагедийDrama's Vitallest Expression Is the Common Day
  10. Дважды жизнь моя кончилась — раньше концаMy Life Closed Twice before Its Close
  11. Малиновка моя!The Robin Is the One
  12. Открой Ворота, СмертьLet down the Bаrs, Oh Deаth
  13. Я потеряла Мир на дняхI Lost a World — the Other Day!
  14. Он был ПоэтThis Was a Poet
  15. Я - Никто. А ты — ты кто?I'm Nobody! Who Are You?
  16. Чтоб свято чтить обычные дниTo Venerate the Simple Days
  17. Нет лучше Фрегата — чем КнигаThere Is No Frigate Like a Book
  18. Поскольку ты уходишьBecause That You Are Going
  19. Подходит — не отложит ВстречуIt’s Coming — the Postponeless Creature
  20. A Bird, Came down the Walk
  21. Wild Nights
  22. Of All the Sounds Despatched Abroad
  23. I Measure Every Grief I Meet
  24. It's All I Have to Bring Today
  25. A Narrow Fellow in the Grass
  26. No Time to Hate
  27. Much Madness Is Divinest Sense
  28. The Return
  29. The Grass
  30. The Bustle in a House
  31. Pain
  32. In a Library
  33. I Asked No Other Thing
  34. A Route of Evanescence
  35. I Never Saw a Moor
  36. I Reason, Earth Is Short
  37. To Fight Aloud Is Very Brave
  38. Escape
  39. If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking
  40. With a Flower
  41. The Secret
  42. The Mystery of Pain
  43. The Heart Asks Pleasure First
  44. The Lonely House
  45. If You Were Coming in the Fall
  46. In Vain
  47. Almost!
  48. Dawn
  49. Mine
  50. Proof
  51. A Little Road Not Made of Man
  52. Apocalypse
  53. The Wife
  54. A Book
  55. A Service of Song
  56. Bequest
  57. Glee! The Great Storm Is Over!
  58. A Wounded Deer Leaps Highest
  59. I Taste a Liquor Never Brewed
  60. Surrender
  61. The Pedigree of Honey
  62. Rouge et Noir
  63. The Outlet
  64. Perhaps You'd Like to Buy a Flower?
  65. Dare You See a Soul
  66. Exclusion
  67. Why?
  68. Our Share of Night to Bear
  69. To Fight Aloud Is Very Brave
  70. Belshazzar Had a Letter
  71. The Brain Within Its Groove
  72. Renunciation
  73. Apotheosis
  74. May-Flower
  75. The Sea of Sunset
  76. Resurrection
  77. Rouge Gagne
  78. Unreturning
  79. Whether My Bark Went Down at Sea
  80. Suspense
  81. Have You Got a Brook in Your Little Heart
  82. New Feet within My Garden Go
  83. The Bee Is Not Afraid of Me
  84. Love’s Baptism
  85. The Book of Martyrs
  86. Psalm of the Day
  87. Alter? When the Hills Do
  88. Summer's Armies
  89. Summer Shower

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