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Чарльз Лэм (Charles Lamb) (1775-1834)
Чарльз Лэм (Charles Lamb)

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  1. Давно знакомые лицаThe Old Familiar Faces
  2. Бездумная жестокостьThoughtless Cruelty
  3. На предполагаемое путешествие короля Георга IV в ГанноверOn a Projected Journey
  4. Лорд НельсонLord Nelson
  5. Бог и БоксерOn Wawd
  6. A Ballad
  7. Anger
  8. Crumbs to the Birds
  9. A Farewell to Tobacco
  10. The Three Friends
  11. The Boy and the Snake
  12. To a River in Which a Child Was Drowned
  13. On a Picture of the Finding of Moses by Pharoah's Daughter
  14. My Birthday
  15. Lines Suggested by a Sight of Waltham Cross
  16. Moderation in Diet
  17. Envy
  18. Queen Oriana's Dream
  19. Weeding
  20. Parental Recollections
  21. A Parody
  22. David in the Cave of Adullam
  23. Written Christmas Day 1797
  24. To Charles Lloyd: an Unexpected Visitor
  25. Choosing a Name
  26. Home Delights
  27. The New-Born Infant
  28. A Vision of Repentance
  29. A Timid Grace Sits Trembling in Her Eye
  30. The Sister's Expostulation on the Brother's Learning Latin
  31. David
  32. Blindness
  33. The Two Boys
  34. Nursing
  35. Hypochondriacus
  36. Lines Addressed to Lieut. R.W.H. Hardy, R.N.
  37. Wasps in a Garden
  38. Beauty and the Beast
  39. Lines Addressed from London, to Sara and S.T.C. at Bristol, in the Summer of 1796
  40. Cleanliness
  41. Good Temper
  42. Incorrect Speaking
  43. Love, Death, and Reputation

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