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Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne (1766-1845)

The Rating of Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne's Poems

  1. Fareweel, Edinburgh
  2. A Heavenly Muse
  3. The Convict's Farewell
  4. Cradle Song
  5. The Voice of Spring
  6. Jamie the Laird
  7. He's Owre the Hills that I Lo'e Weel
  8. Caller Herrin'
  9. Rest Is Not Here
  10. O, Weel's Me on My Ain Man
  11. There Grows a Bonnie Brier Bush
  12. Cauld Kail in Aberdeen
  13. Gude Nicht, and Joy Be Wi' Ye A'
  14. The Auld House
  15. The Laird o' Cockpen
  16. The Lass oТ Gowrie
  17. The Maiden's Vow
  18. The Pentland Hills
  19. The Hundred Pipers
  20. Huntingtower
  21. Dunottar Castle
  22. The Land o' the Leal
  23. Fell He on the Field of Fame

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