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English Poetry. The Last Poems

  1. The Glorious Company (Helen Cone)
  2. The Croton Ode (George Morris)
  3. Land-Ho! (George Morris)
  4. The Music-Grinders (Oliver Holmes)
  5. After the Golden Wedding (Three Soliloquies) (James Stephen)
  6. The Philosopher and the Philanthropist (James Stephen)
  7. The School at War (Henry Newbolt)
  8. Lines on the Death of Julia (Thomas Peacock)
  9. Hymn 18 (Isaac Watts)
  10. Psalm 3 (Isaac Watts)
  11. Hymn 13 (Isaac Watts)
  12. Hymn 6 (Isaac Watts)
  13. Psalm 6 (Isaac Watts)
  14. Deathless Principle! Arise (Augustus Toplady)
  15. Psalm 12 (Isaac Watts)
  16. The Played-Out Humorist (William Gilbert)
  17. Deaf Martha (Ann Taylor)
  18. To the Same Purpose (Thomas Traherne)
  19. A Poet's Home (George Wither)
  20. Psalm 80 (Isaac Watts)
  21. Daphne's Visit (William Shenstone)
  22. Ode to Memory (William Shenstone)
  23. Valentine's Day (William Shenstone)
  24. Dear Pretty Youth (Thomas Shadwell)
  25. Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity (John Keble)
  26. The Lily Bed (Isabella Crawford)
  27. The Sonnet (Richard Gilder)
  28. Earth's Lyric (Richard Hovey)
  29. On a Scene in Tuscany (Richard Milnes)
  30. Epigrams. The Third Booke. є 22. A Counsell to be provident, and circumspect in all our actions, without either cowardise, or temeritie (Thomas Urquhart)
  31. A Little Child's Prayers (John Tabb)
  32. The Robe of Christ (Joyce Kilmer)
  33. The New School (Joyce Kilmer)
  34. Folly (Joyce Kilmer)
  35. A New Hymn (Katherine Mansfield)
  36. Sea (Katherine Mansfield)
  37. The Old Home Calls (Lucy Montgomery)
  38. To O.E.A. (Claude McKay)
  39. The Castaways (Claude McKay)
  40. The Water Lily (Henry Lawson)
  41. The Pekingese (Elinor Wylie)
  42. A Passing Glimpse (Robert Frost)
  43. On Looking up by Chance at the Constellations (Robert Frost)
  44. Asking For Roses (Robert Frost)
  45. The Self-Seeker (Robert Frost)
  46. The Ax-Helve (Robert Frost)
  47. The Flower Boat (Robert Frost)
  48. Sonnet 19. Farewell, Ye Coral Caves (Mary Robinson)
  49. The Shroud of Color (Countee Cullen)
  50. To a Brown Boy (Countee Cullen)

The Last Poems

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