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English Poetry. Last Poems

  1. The 5:42 (Christopher Morley)
  2. Demeter (Madison Julius Cawein)
  3. H.C. to the Gentleman Reader (Henry Constable)
  4. To the Master of the Meteor (Herman Melville)
  5. My Ox Duke (John Dyer)
  6. Tammy's Courtship (Hector Macneill)
  7. Gree, Bairnies, Gree (William Miller)
  8. Mary of Castle-Cary (Hector Macneill)
  9. Jean of Aberdeen (Alexander Laing)
  10. Days and Days (Madison Julius Cawein)
  11. Drouth in Autumn (Madison Julius Cawein)
  12. Birthplace of Robert Burns (Thomas William Parsons)
  13. Heart of My Heart (Madison Julius Cawein)
  14. Burns (Joaquin Miller)
  15. Kentucky (Madison Julius Cawein)
  16. Last Days (Madison Julius Cawein)
  17. Old Man Rain (Madison Julius Cawein)
  18. Portents (Madison Julius Cawein)
  19. Youth's Dreams (Robert Nicoll)
  20. The Broom of the Cowdenknows (John Crawford)
  21. Craig Elachie (Eliza Ann Harris Ogilvy)
  22. The Closing Scene (Thomas Buchanan Read)
  23. Reconciliation (Madison Julius Cawein)
  24. On a Magnolia Flower (Thomas William Parsons)
  25. The Girl of My Heart (John Rannie)
  26. Revisited (Madison Julius Cawein)
  27. Song of the Spirits of Spring (Madison Julius Cawein)
  28. Doun Fair Dalmenys Rosy Dells (James Smith)
  29. Sing on, Fairy Devon (John Crawford)
  30. The Kentucky (Madison Julius Cawein)
  31. The Boy in the Rain (Madison Julius Cawein)
  32. Sweet Earlsburn, Blithe Earlsburn (William Motherwell)
  33. To the Sea (Capel Lofft)
  34. Crimean Invalid Soldiers Reaping at Aldershot (Richard Monckton Milnes)
  35. The Eve of All-Saints (Madison Julius Cawein)
  36. We'll A' Go Pu' the Heather (Robert Nicoll)
  37. The Lady of the Hills (Madison Julius Cawein)
  38. The Magic Purse (Madison Julius Cawein)
  39. The Screech-Owl (Madison Julius Cawein)
  40. The Auld House (Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne)
  41. Within the Towers of Ancient Glammis (Agnes Lyon)
  42. On Beholding Bodiham Castle (Edward Hovell-Thurlow)
  43. The Three Urgandas (Madison Julius Cawein)
  44. Two Lives (Madison Julius Cawein)
  45. The Braes o Gleniffer (Robert Tannahill)
  46. Kate o Gowrie (William Reid)
  47. Bonnie Greenlaw (Hugh MacDonald)
  48. Huntingtower (Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne)
  49. Bessy Bell (George Pope Morris)
  50. The Fishermans Hymn (Alexander Wilson)

Last Poems

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