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Arthur Guiterman (Артур Гитерман)


The three-toed tree-toad
Sings his sweet ode
To the moon;
The funny bunny
And his honey
Trip in tune.
The gentle cricket
From his thicket
Lifts his croon;
A love-lorn owlet
Of his fowlet
Begs a boon.
Across the water
To her daughter
Calls the loon;
A happy froglet
From his boglet
Chants his rune.
The yellow hound-dog
And the brown dog
Bay the 'coon;
The chipmunk dozes
Where the rose's
Leaves are strewn;
All through the night-time
Till the bright time
Comes, too soon,
The three-toed tree-toad
Sings his sweet ode
To the moon.

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