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Gerald Griffin (Джеральд Гриффин)


Sleep that like the couched dove  
 Broods o'er the weary eye,  
Dreams that with soft heavings move  
 The heart of memory,  
Labor's guerdon, golden rest,
Wrap thee in its downy vest, —
Fall like comfort on thy brain  
And sing the hush song to thy pain!  
Far from thee be startling fears,  
 And dreams the guilty dream;
No banshee scare thy drowsy ears  
 With her ill-omen'd scream;  
But tones of fairy minstrelsy  
Float like the ghosts of sound o'er thee,  
Soft as the chapel's distant bell,
And lull thee to a sweet farewell.  
Ye for whom the ashy hearth  
 The fearful housewife clears,  
Ye whose tiny sounds of mirth  
 The nighted carman hears,  
Ye whose pygmy hammers make  
The wonderers of the cottage wake,  
Noiseless be your airy flight,  
Silent as the still moonlight.  
Silent go, and harmless come,
 Fairies of the stream:  
Ye, who love the winter gloom  
 Or the gay moonbeam,  
Hither bring your drowsy store  
Gather'd from the bright lusmore;
Shake o'er temples, soft and deep,  
The comfort of the poor man, sleep.

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