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Robert Sidney (1563-1626)

The Rating of Robert Sidney's Poems

  1. Sonnet 4. These purest flames, kindled by beauties rare
  2. Sonnet 19. When other creatures all, each in their kind
  3. Sonnet 1. You purest stars, whose never-dying fires
  4. Sonnet 3. Beauties born of heavens, my soulТs delight
  5. Sonnet 5. Of travails past oft when i thinking am
  6. Sonnet 2. The pains which I uncessantly sustain
  7. Sonnet 9. Oft had I passed the joys and griefs of love
  8. Sonnet 17. The endless alchemist, with blinded will
  9. Sonnet 7. The hardly captain, unused to retire
  10. Sonnet 11. Though the most perfect style cannot attain
  11. Sonnet 22. On unknown shore, with weather hard distressed
  12. Sonnet 6. When rest locks up the treasures of delight
  13. Sonnet 15. You that haue power to kil, haue will to saue
  14. Sonnet 10. She whom I serve to write did not despise
  15. Sonnet 8. If that her worth I could as well forget
  16. Sonnet 12. Who gives himself, may ill his words deny

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