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Poem by Robert Sidney

Sonnet 22. On unknown shore, with weather hard distressed

On unknown shore, with weather hard distressed,
The fainting Mariner so fears the night
As I, who in the days declining light
Do read the story of my wrack of rest.

Blest in your sight: and but in sight yet blest,
Even now to leave your light, my lifes delight,
I wait toadore, in rays as sweet as bright,
The sun lodged in your eyes, heavens in your breast.

O of mans hopes the vain condition!
While I am saying, Thou low shady room
Straight shalt a match to highest spheres become.

Sad night, to be more dark, your stay puts on,
And in your failing paints, her black aspect,
Yet sees a mind more dark for your neglect.

Robert Sidney

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