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Poem by Robert Sidney

Sonnet 15. You that haue power to kil, haue will to saue

You that haue power to kil, haue will to saue:
O you, fayr leader of the hoast of loue
from yealding hands, disarmed praiers approue
wch joys nor wealth, but lyfe Captiue craue

No weake or foe of force mee vanquisht gaue
that faint defence should scorne, not pity moue:
vertue, fortune, skil, to my ayde I proue
All by you broken, mee forsaken haue.

Yowr face, the feelde where beauties orders shine
what can resist? yowr eyes, loues Canons strong,
The braue directions of yowr lips deuine!

wounded I try to scape? In garde along
legions of worthe and graces I descry.
what meanes then to wth stand, what way to fly?

Robert Sidney

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