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Poem by Robert Sidney

Sonnet 17. The endless alchemist, with blinded will

The endless alchemist, with blinded will,
That feeds his thoughts with hopes, his hopes on shows,
And more his work proves vain more eager grows
While dreams of gold his head with shadows fill.

Fills not more sure the scourge of flattТring skill,
When in false trust of wealth true needs he knows,
Than I, on whom a storm of losses blows
And tides of errors run: yet sail on still

While my corrupted sense doth think it sees
A long sought land of rest, and while to bliss
I think there is a way, though yet I miss.

Thus shunning to have lost, I still do leese,
And hope and want: and strive and fail: and prove
Nor end with joys, nor end from cares of love.

Robert Sidney

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