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Энн Хантер (Anne Hunter) (1742-1821)

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  1. Winter
  2. The Dirge of Amoret
  3. A Mermaid’s Song
  4. To the Nightingale
  5. The Death Song
  6. May Day
  7. Time
  8. Song 8. TO wander alone when the moon faintly beaming
  9. Epitaph for My Father
  10. Elegy to the Memory of William Seward, Esq.
  11. Song 16. MY mother bids me bind my hair
  12. The Farewell
  13. Elegy
  14. La Douce Chimere
  15. Fairy Revels
  16. The Genius of the Mountains of Balagata
  17. To a Friend on New Year’s Day
  18. Song 5. FAR, far from me my love is fled
  19. Ode to the Old Year 1787
  20. Carisbrook Castle
  21. To the Memory of Thomas Chatterton
  22. The Song of the Wandering Lady
  23. Song 10. O Tuneful voice, I still deplore
  24. To My Son, Age 26, a Captain of Infantry in Portugal, 1798
  25. Song 12. Where the green ivy twining
  26. A Vow to Fortune
  27. Song 4. THE moments fly, and we must part
  28. To My Son, Age 15, at Cambridge
  29. Laura
  30. Song 6. IN airy dreams fond fancy flies
  31. To James Barry, Esq.
  32. November, 1784
  33. Addressed to Mrs. G.
  34. Song 11. THE anguish of my bursting heart
  35. Song 2. FAR from this throbbing bosom haste
  36. To the Memory of a Lovely Infant, Written Seven Years after His Death
  37. William and Nancy
  38. Song 13. SPRING returns, the flowrets blow
  39. Lelia, or, The Maniac's Song

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