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Джеймс Томсон (James Thomson) (1700-1748)
Джеймс Томсон (James Thomson)

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  1. Правь, Британия!Rule Britannia
  2. The Four Seasons. Spring
  3. К ФортунеTo Fortune
  4. Gifts
  5. Ода (Моя любовь, моя душа...)Ode (Tell me, thou soul of her I love...)
  6. The Four Seasons. Autumn
  7. Waterfall
  8. Приди ко мне, кумир желанья!Come, Gentle God
  9. Spring Showers
  10. Песня (Кумир желанья хитроватый...)Song (One day the god of fond desire...)
  11. A Summer Noon
  12. Summer
  13. Evening in Summer
  14. Evening in Autumn
  15. Mists in Autumn
  16. Dawn in Summer
  17. In the Train
  18. An Elegy on Parting
  19. On May
  20. Rambles in Autumn
  21. To the Nightingale
  22. To Seraphina
  23. Scene Between May and June
  24. A Hymn
  25. Nothing Formed in Vain
  26. Cattle in Summer
  27. The Rainbow
  28. Hymn on Solitude
  29. A Poem Sacred to the Memory of Sir Isaac Newton
  30. On Happiness
  31. Insects In Summer
  32. The Happy Man
  33. Reflections Suggested by Winter
  34. A Complaint on the Miseries of Life
  35. The Four Seasons. Summer
  36. Hymn to God's Power
  37. When Last We Parted
  38. Verses Addressed to Amanda
  39. From Those Eternal Regions
  40. The Vine
  41. Death of the Stag
  42. The Morning Lark
  43. On the Hoop
  44. Lavinia
  45. Lisy's Parting with Her Cat
  46. A Nuptial Song
  47. Lines on Marle Field
  48. Verses on Receiving a Flower from His Mistress
  49. The Effects of Spring on Nature
  50. Sheep-Sheering
  51. Care of Birds for Their Young
  52. The Lover's Fate
  53. On the Death of His Mother
  54. On a Country Life
  55. To Myra
  56. On Beauty
  57. Happiness of a Country Life
  58. A Pastoral Entertainment
  59. Farewell to Ravelrig

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