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Robert Anderson (Роберт Андерсон)

Ode to Care

Why, Care, art thou still hov'ring here,
Thou keen disturber of my breast,
Whose cot Ambition comes not near,
Nor gay--deck'd Pride, that haughty guest?
Life would be life, were't not for thee--
Begone, tormentor, far from me!

Go visit wild Ambition's court,
Where man is basely bought and sold;
Or to the miser's hut resort,
And mark him bending o'er his gold;
Or seek yon stately marbl'd hall,
Where thoughtless Pleasure holds her ball.

I envy not the great their wealth,
Nor will I bow to Fashion's slave;
Friendship, Freedom, Peace, and Health--
These, these awhile are all I crave:
And but for thee, thou canker Care,
These choicest blessings might I share. 

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