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Robert Anderson (Роберт Андерсон)

Britannia’s Call

On a rock Britannia stood,
And thus her warlike sons address'd;
``Shall a despot stain'd with blood,
Warriors brave and free molest?
No! rise to arms, and scorn the vengeful host;
Death waits the foe who dares approach our coast.

``Hark! I hear the mighty dead,
Cressy's fierce and godlike band--''
``By your sires who boldly bled,
Swear to save your native land;
On, on to conquest! glory crowns the brave,
Crush Gallia's tyrant who'd the world enslave!''

``Matchless on the lists of fame,
Vict'ry wreathes the Briton's brow;
Nor shall they who boast the name
To a foreign tyrant bow;
For while his wrath on servile states is hurl'd,
Britain shall rise the envy of the world.''

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