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Robert Anderson (Роберт Андерсон)

Epitaph on Maria of the Cottage

Reader, if worth departed claims a tear,
Life's poor frail wand'rer, pay that tribute here,
To one, in whom as daughter, sister, wife,
Was shewn affection thro' a well--spent life;
Who early learn'd to share another's woe,
And knew from whence all lasting pleasures flow:
A thirst for knowledge prov'd her virtue's care,
And 'midst her suff'rings, ne'er did she despair.
With feeling heart, pure friendship, love of truth,
She shar'd alike th' esteem of age and youth;
With genius bless'd, and independent mind,
'Twas her's to study, and instruct mankind:
She liv'd in meek--ey'd pity's robe array'd,
And gain'd a laurel, time can never fade!

Now, if in virtue's path thou dost not tread,
O! take this lesson from the silent dead!
From folly fly, and to religion turn;
For soon will life's short taper cease to burn! 

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