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Robert Anderson (Роберт Андерсон)

A Lesson to Youth

Tho' Youth thy path be strewn with flow'rs,
And mirth leads on the rosy hours;
Soon manhood proves the past a dream,
And joys, once priz'd, now sorrows seem.

O Youth! beware of pleasure's wile!
For danger lurks beneath her smile:
'Tis wise, in time, her haunts to shun;
Who woos the nymph, is soon undone!

Be to a brother's foibles blind;
Promote whatever serves mankind;
The naked clothe--the hungry feed--
And bow to what's by Heav'n decreed!

Let reason rule--each joy despise,
That honour, wealth, and health destroys:
Let virtue all thy thoughts engage;
Then, fearless, may'st thou welcome age! 

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