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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 70. Against the God of Love

Blind brutal Boy, that with thy bou abuses
Leill leisome love by lechery and lust,
Judge, jakanapis and jougler maist vnj[ust,]
If in thy rageing resone thou refuises ;

To be thy chiftanes changers ay thou chuisis
To beir thy baner, so they be robust.
Fals tratur, Turk, betrayer vnder trust,
Quhy maks thou makrels of the modest Muses?

Art thou a god ? No Ч bot a gok disguysit ;
A bluiter buskit lyk a belly blind,
With wings and quaver waving with the wind ;
A plane playmear for vanitie devysit.

Thou art a stirk, for all thy staitly stylis ;
And these, good geese, vhom sik a god begylis.

Alexander Montgomerie

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