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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 18. To the Lords of the Session. I

Quhare bene je, brave and pregnant sprits, becum ?
Quik vive inventionis, ar je worne auay ?
I am assuird by simpathie that sum
Wald never wish that cunning suld decay *.

If ony be, jour Lordships must be thay,
Whose spreits jour weeds of verteu hes you spun ;
Then mak the poet pensioner, I pray,
And byde be justice, as je haif begun.

Sen I haif richt, vhy suld I be ouirrun ?
Incurage me, and able I can carpe :
Hald evin the weyis ; the victory is wun,
As I confyde in King and solid Sharpe :

Quhom I culd len a lift, your Lordships knauis,
War they in love, as I am in the lauis.

Alexander Montgomerie

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