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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 24. Of M. J. Sharpe. II

A Baxters bird, a bluiter beggar borne,
Ane ill heud huirsone, lyk a barkit hyde,
A saulles suinger, seuintie tymes mensuorne,
A peltrie pultron poysond vp with pryde,

A treuthles tongue that turnes with eviry tyde,
A double deillar with dissait indeud,
A luiker bak vhare he wes bund to byde,
A retrospicien vhom the Lord outspeud,

A brybour baird that mekle baill hes breud,
Ane hypocrit, ane ydill atheist als,
A skurvie skybell for to be esheud,
A faithles, feckles, fingerles, and fals,

A Turk that tint Tranent for the Tolbuith :
Quha reids this riddill he is Sharpe forsuith.

Alexander Montgomerie

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