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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 35. A Ladyis Lamentatione. III

Lord, for my missis micht I mak a mends,
By putting me to penance as thou pleasd !
Good God ! forgive offenders that offends,
And heall the hurt of sik as are diseasde :

Hou soon they murne, with mercy thou [art measde]
As thou hes said ; and surely so it semes :
Suppose my silly saull with sin be seasde,
Jit the reversiones rests that it redemes.

Destroy me not, that so of the estemes,
My suete Redemer; let me neuer die,
Bot blink on me euen with Thy blisful b[eames,]
And mak ane other Magdelene of me.

Forgive my gylt, sen nane bot God is gude ;
So with Peccavi Pater I conclude.

Alexander Montgomerie

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