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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 33. A Ladyis Lamentatione. I

Vhom suld I warie bot my wicked weard,
Vha span my thriftles thrauard fatall threed ?
I wes bot skantlie entrit in this eard,
Nor had offendit, vhill I felt hir feed.

In hir vnhappy hands sho held my heed,
And straikit bakuard wodershins my hair ;
Syne prophecyed, I suld aspyre and speed :
Quhilk double sentence wes baith suith and sair.

For I wes matchit with my match and mair ;
No worldly woman neuir wes so weill ;
I wes accountit Countes but compair,
Quhill fickle Fortun whirld me from hir vheell :

Rank and renoun in lytill roum sho ranged,
And Lady Lucrece in a Cressede changed.

Alexander Montgomerie

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