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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 16. To His Majestie, for His Pensioun. III

If I must begge, it sail be far fra hame ;
If I must want, it is aganis my will ;
I haif a stomok, thoght I hold me still,
To suffer smart, bot not to suffer shame.

In spyt of fortun, I shall flie with fame ;
Sho may my corps, bot not my curage kill :
My hope is high, houbeit my hap be ill.
And kittle aneugh, and clau me on the kame.

Wes Bishop Betoim* bot restord agane,
To my ruin reserving all the rest,
To recompence my prisoning and pane !
The worst is ill, if this be bot the best.

Is this the frute, Sir, of your first affectione,
My pensioun perish vnder your protectione ?

Alexander Montgomerie

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