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Poem by William Cosmo Monkhouse


WHO calls me bold because I won my love,  
   And did not pine,  
And waste my life with secret pain, but strove  
   To make him mine?  
I usd no arts; t was Natures self that taught
   My eye to speak,  
And bid the burning blush to paint unsought  
   My flashing cheek;  
That made my voice to tremble when I bid  
   My love Goodby,
So weak that every other sound was hid,  
   Except a sigh.  
Oh, was it wrong to use the truth I knew,  
   That hearts are movd,  
And spring warm-struck with life and love anew,
   By being lovd?  
One night there came a tear, that, big and loth,  
   Stole neath my brow.  
T was thus I won my hearts own heart, and both  
   Are happy now.

William Cosmo Monkhouse

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