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Poem by George Lyttelton


When Delia on the plain appears, 
Awd by a thousand tender fears, 
I would approach, but dare not move; 
Tell me, my heart, if this be love?

Wheneer she speaks, my ravishd ear 
No other voice but hers can hear, 
No other wit but hers approve; 
Tell me, my heart, if this be love?

If she some other youth commend, 
Though I was once his fondest friend, 
His instant enemy I prove; 
Tell me, my heart, if this be love?

When she is absent, I no more 
Delight in all that pleasd before, 
The clearest spring, or shadiest grove; 
Tell me, my heart, if this be love?

When fond of powr, of beauty vain, 
Her nets she spread for evry swain, 
I strove to hate, but vainly strove; 
Tell me, my heart, if this be love.


George Lyttelton

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