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Анна-Летиция Барбо (Anna Laetitia Barbauld) (1743-1825)
Анна-Летиция Барбо (Anna Laetitia Barbauld)

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  1. Ode to Spring
  2. Life
  3. Autumn
  4. An Autumnal Thought
  5. Tomorrow
  6. A School Eclogue
  7. A Thought on Death
  8. Ode to Remorse
  9. To a Friend
  10. Eighteen Hundred and Eleven
  11. The Rights of Women
  12. Washing Day
  13. The Caterpillar
  14. Hymn 4 (Behold, where breathing love divine)
  15. Hymn 1 (Jehovah reigns: let every nation hear)
  16. Octogenery Reflections
  17. Beauty of Insects
  18. To Love and Time
  19. The Mouse's Petition
  20. The Unknown God
  21. Written on a Marble
  22. West End Fair
  23. Riddle
  24. The Groans of the Tankard
  25. Verses Written in an Alcove
  26. To Wisdom
  27. To a Little Invisible Being Who is Expected Soon to Become Visible
  28. Dejection
  29. Hymn 2 (Praise to God, immortal praise)
  30. To the Poor
  31. Verses on Mrs Rowe
  32. Pious Friendship
  33. An Address to the Deity
  34. Where a Crowd of Pilgrims Toil
  35. To Doctor Priestley
  36. In the Manner of Spenser
  37. Hymn to Content
  38. Logogriph
  39. Come, Said Jesus
  40. Pastoral Hymn
  41. On a Portrait
  42. This Solemn Day
  43. The Epiphany
  44. Hymn 3. For Easter Sunday (AGAIN the Lord of life and light)
  45. To Mrs. P—, with Drawings of Birds and Insects
  46. Corsica
  47. The Origin of Song-Writing
  48. Delia, an Elegy
  49. Song 2 (IF ever thou didst joy to bind)
  50. On the Death of Mrs. Jennings
  51. Song 1 (COME here fond youth, whoe'er thou be)
  52. Hymn 5 (AWAKE, my soul! lift up thine eyes)
  53. Song 6 (WHEN first upon your tender cheek)
  54. To Mr. [S.T.] C[oleridge]
  55. On a Lady's Writing
  56. Backwardness of the Spring 1771
  57. To a Lady, with painted Flowers
  58. To Miss R—, on her Attendance upon her Mother at Buxton
  59. Song 5 (AS near a weeping spring reclin'd)
  60. Song 4 (WHEN gentle Celia first I knew)
  61. The Invitation, to Miss B—
  62. Song 3 (LEAVE me, simple shepherd, leave me)
  63. An Inventory of the Furniture in Dr. Priestley's Study

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