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Уильям Моррис (William Morris) (1834-1896)
Уильям Моррис (William Morris)

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  1. Надпись на изголовье старинной кроватиFor the Bed at Kelmscott
  2. For The Briar-Rose
  3. Meeting In Winter
  4. Winter
  5. Autumn
  6. A Garden by the Sea
  7. March
  8. Spring
  9. The Woodpecker
  10. A Death Song
  11. The Orchard
  12. Night
  13. Summer
  14. The Lion
  15. Day
  16. On The Edge Of The Wilderness
  17. Mother And Son
  18. Near But Far Away
  19. Our Hands Have Met
  20. The King Of Denmark's Sons
  21. The Day Is Coming
  22. Pomona
  23. In Prison
  24. Near Avalon
  25. Love's Gleaning Tide
  26. Sad-Eyed and Soft and Grey
  27. The Haystack in the Floods
  28. The End Of May
  29. All For The Cause
  30. The Forest
  31. Drawing Near The Light
  32. Iceland First Seen
  33. Love Fulfilled
  34. Pain And Time Strive Not
  35. Song I: Though The World Be A-Waning
  36. Atalanta's Race
  37. Shameful Death
  38. The Doomed Ship
  39. Thunder In The Garden
  40. To The Muse Of The North
  41. Tapestry Trees
  42. Riding Together
  43. The Burgher's Battle
  44. The Voice Of Toil
  45. The Flowering Orchard
  46. Love's Reward
  47. Pray But One Prayer For Us
  48. Another For The Briar-Rose
  49. From The Upland To The Sea
  50. Echoes Of Love's House
  51. The Two Sides Of The River
  52. The Son's Sorrow
  53. Masters in This Hall
  54. Of The Three Seekers

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