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Генри Тимрод (Henry Timrod) (1829-1867)
Henry Timrod (Генри Тимрод)

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  1. Spring
  2. Second Love
  3. Dreams
  4. Storm and Calm
  5. Ode Sung on the Occasion of Decorating the Graves of the Confederate Dead, at Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, S.C., 1867
  6. Hymn Sung at the Consecration of Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, S.C.
  7. Sonnets. 7. Grief Dies Like Joy; the Tears Upon My Cheek
  8. The Lily Confidante
  9. Serenade
  10. Sonnets. 10. Were I the Poet-Laureate of the Fairies
  11. Dedication
  12. The Past
  13. Sonnets. 11. Which Are the Clouds, and Which the Mountains? See
  14. A Trifle
  15. A Rhapsody of a Southern Winter Night
  16. Christmas
  17. Dramatic Fragment
  18. Sonnets. 12. What Gossamer Lures Thee Now? What Hope, What Name
  19. Sonnets. 3. Life Ever Seems as from Its Present Site
  20. Sonnets. 6. I Scarcely Grieve, O Nature! at the Lot
  21. Sonnets. 9. I Know Not Why, But All This Weary Day
  22. A Year's Courtship
  23. Ethnogenesis
  24. Song Composed for Washington's Birthday, and Respectfully Inscribed to the Officers and Members of the Washington Light Infantry of Charleston, February 22, 1859
  25. Sonnets. 14. Are These Wild Thoughts, Thus Fettered in My Rhymes
  26. Charleston
  27. Youth and Manhood
  28. Flower-Life
  29. Præceptor Amat
  30. Why Silent?
  31. A Mother's Wail
  32. A Vision of Poesy
  33. A Cry to Arms
  34. A Bouquet
  35. To Rosa——
  36. La Belle Juive
  37. Katie
  38. To Thee
  39. An Exotic
  40. Sonnets. 1. Poet! If on a Lasting Fame Be Bent
  41. Sonnets. 8. At Last, Beloved Nature! I Have Met
  42. Sonnets. 4. They Dub Thee Idler, Smiling Sneeringly
  43. The Messenger Rose
  44. Carolina
  45. Hark to the Shouting Wind
  46. A Dedication
  47. Retirement
  48. The Problem
  49. The Stream is Flowing from the West
  50. Address Delivered at the Opening of the New Theatre at Richmond
  51. The Arctic Voyager
  52. The Summer Bower
  53. Baby's Age
  54. To a Captive Owl
  55. To Whom?
  56. A Common Thought
  57. Ripley
  58. Carmen Triumphale
  59. The Unknown Dead
  60. The Two Armies
  61. Lines (I Stooped from Star-Bright Regions)
  62. Sonnets. 2. Most Men Know Love But as a Part of Life
  63. Sonnets. 13. I Thank You, Kind and Best Beloved Friend
  64. Our Willie
  65. Madeline
  66. The Cotton Boll
  67. Too Long, O Spirit of Storm
  68. Vox et Præterea Nihil
  69. Two Portraits
  70. The Rosebuds
  71. On Pressing Some Flowers
  72. 1866 - Addressed to the Old Year
  73. Hymn Sung at an Anniversary of the Asylum of Orphans at Charleston
  74. Love's Logic
  75. Hymn Sung at a Sacred Concert at Columbia, S.C.
  76. Lines to R. L.
  77. Sonnets. 5. Some Truths There Be Are Better Left Unsaid
  78. Lines (I Saw, or Dreamed I Saw, Her Sitting Lone)
  79. If I Have Graced No Single Song of Mine
  80. Sonnets. 15. In Memoriam—Harris Simons

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