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Henry Timrod (Генри Тимрод)

On Pressing Some Flowers

So, they are dead! Love! when they passed
 From thee to me, our fingers met;
O withered darlings of the May!
 I feel those fairy fingers yet.

And for the bliss ye brought me then,
 Your faded forms are precious things;
No flowers so fair, no buds so sweet
 Shall bloom through all my future springs.

And so, pale ones! with hands as soft
 As if I closed a baby's eyes,
I'll lay you in some favorite book
 Made sacred by a poet's sighs.

Your lips shall press the sweetest song,
 The sweetest, saddest song I know,
As ye had perished, in your pride,
 Of some lone bard's melodious woe.

Oh, Love! hath love no holier shrine!
 Oh, heart! could love but lend the power,
I'd lay thy crimson pages bare,
 And every leaf should fold its flower.

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