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Оливер Уэнделл Холмс (Oliver Wendell Holmes) (1809-1894)
Oliver Wendell Holmes (Оливер Уэнделл Холмс)

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  1. Последний листThe Last Leaf
  2. Ах, соседка-наседка, ты, правоThe Reverend Henry Beecher
  3. БезгласныеThe Voiceless
  4. Кубок для пуншаOn Lending a Punch-Bowl
  5. The Chambered Nautilus
  6. Lines
  7. A Rhymed Lesson (Urania)
  8. Evening
  9. My Aunt
  10. A Song
  11. Old Ironsides
  12. God Save the Flag
  13. The Stethoscope Song
  14. Song (THE stars their early vigils keep)
  15. Contentment
  16. A Farewell to Agassiz
  17. My Aviary
  18. To the Portrait of “A Lady” in the Athenaeum Gallery
  19. Lexington
  20. A Modest Request
  21. To Governor Swain
  22. The Steamboat
  23. The Only Daughter
  24. An After-Dinner Poem
  25. The Height of the Ridiculous
  26. The Two Streams
  27. A Sentiment (A TRIPLE health to Friendship, Science, Art,)
  28. Nux Postcoenatica
  29. The Dilemma
  30. The Pilgrim's Vision
  31. Under the Violets
  32. The Island Hunting-Song
  33. Sun and Shadow
  34. Reflections of a Proud Pedestrian
  35. Rip Van Winkle, M. D.
  36. Departed Days
  37. The Treadmill Song
  38. The September Gale
  39. A Song of Other Days
  40. The Bells
  41. To an Insect
  42. The Dorchester Giant
  43. The Last Reader
  44. The Study
  45. The Flower of Liberty
  46. Daily Trials
  47. The Comet
  48. The Music-Grinders
  49. The Parting Word
  50. Song (A HEALTH to dear woman! She bids us untwine)
  51. The Two Armies
  52. A Poem for the Meeting of the American Medical Association at New York, May 5, 1853
  53. Non-Resistance
  54. The Cambridge Churchyard
  55. The Moral Bully
  56. Verses for After-Dinner Phi Beta Kappa Society, 1844
  57. A Sentiment (THE pledge of Friendship! it is still divine)

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