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Каролина Нортон (Caroline Norton) (1808-1877)
Caroline Norton (Каролина Нортон)

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  1. The Autumn Wind
  2. Dreams
  3. The Winter's Walk
  4. The Cold Change
  5. Twilight
  6. Mary
  7. I Do Not Love Thee
  8. First Love
  9. The Ringlet
  10. We Have Been Friends Together
  11. The King of Denmark’s Ride
  12. Old Friends
  13. When Poor in All but Hope and Love
  14. Picture of Twilight
  15. Ifs
  16. On the Purple and White Carnation
  17. Recollections
  18. The Mother’s Heart
  19. The Future
  20. May-Day, 1837
  21. Babel
  22. An Emblem of Life
  23. The Bride
  24. My Heart Is Like a Withered Nut!
  25. Description of a Lost Friend
  26. A Voice from the Factories
  27. I Was Not False to Thee
  28. I Cannot Love Thee!
  29. The Captive Pirate
  30. As When from Dreams Awaking
  31. Love Not
  32. Escape from the Snares of Love
  33. A Destiny
  34. The Pilgrim of Life
  35. They Loved One Another
  36. My Childhood's Home
  37. On Seeing Anthony, the Eldest Child of Lord and Lady Ashley
  38. Edward
  39. Dedication

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