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Caroline Norton (Каролина Нортон)

My Childhood's Home

I HAVE tasted each varied pleasure,
   And drunk of the cup of delight;
I have danced to the gayest measure
   In the halls of dazzling light.
I have dwelt in a blaze of splendour,
   And stood in the courts of kings;
I have snatched at each toy that could render
   More rapid the flight of Time's wings.
But vainly I've sought for joy or peace,
   In that life of light and shade;
And I turn with a sigh to my own dear home—
   The home where my childhood played!

When jewels are sparkling round me,
   And dazzling with their rays,
I weep for the ties that bound me
   In life's first early days.
I sigh for one of the sunny hours
   Ere day was turned to-night;
For one of my nosegays of fresh wild flowers,
   Instead of those jewels bright.
I weep when I gaze on the scentless buds
   Which never can bloom or fade;
And I turn with a sigh to those gay green fields—
   The home where my childhood played.

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