Arthur Conan Doyle ( )

Songs of the Road (1911). 26. The Orphanage

When, ere the tangled web is reft,
The kid-gloved villain scowls and sneers,
And hapless innocence is left
With no assets save sighs and tears,

'Tis then, just then, that in there stalks
The hero, watchful of her needs;
He talks, Great heavens how he talks!
But we forgive him, for his deeds.

Life is the drama here to-day
And Death the villain of the plot.
It is a realistic play.
Shall it end well or shall it not?

The hero? Oh, the hero's part
Is vacant  to be played by you.
Then act it well! An orphan's heart
May beat the lighter if you do. 

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: 1380

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