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Lucretia Maria Davidson (Лукреция Мария Дэвидсон)

A Dream

(Written in her fifteenth yoar)

Methought, (unwitting how the place I gained,)
I rested on a fleecy, floating cloud
Far o'er the earth, the stars, the sun, the heavens,
And slowly wheeled around the dread expanse!
Sudden, methought, a trumpet's voice was heard,
Pealing with long, loud, death-awakening note,
Such note as mortal man but once may hear!
At that heart-piercing summons, there arose
A crowd fast pouring from the troubled earth!
The earth , that blackened speck alone seemed moved
By the dread note, which rushed,
Like pent-up whirlwinds, round Heaven's azure vault;
All other worlds, all other twinkling stars
Stood mute — stood motionless;
Their time had not yet come.
Yet, ever and anon, they seemed to bow
Before the dread tribunal;
And the fiery comet, as it blazed along,
Stopped in its midway course, as conscious of the power
Which onward ever, ever had impelled:
No other planet moved, none seemed convulsed,
Save the dim orb of earth!
Forth eddying rushed a crowd, confused and dark,
Like a volcano, muttering and subdued!
There came no sound distinct, but sighs and groans,
And murmurings half suppressed, half uttered!
All eyes were upward turned in wonder and in fear,
But soon, methought, they onward rolled
To the dread High One's bar,
As the tumultuous billows rush murmuring to the shore,
And all distinctions dwindled into naught.
Upward I cast my eyes;
High on an azure throne, begirt with clouds,
Sate the dread Indescribable!
He raised his sceptre, waved it o'er the crowd,
And all was calm and silent as the grave!
He rose; the cherubs flapped their snowy wings!
On came the rushing wind — the throne was moved,
And flew like gliding swan above the crowd!
Sudden it stopped o'er the devoted world!
The Judge moved forward 'mid his sable shroud,
Raised his strong arm with rolling thunders clothed,
Held forth a vial filled with wrathful fire,
Then poured the contents on the waiting globe!
Sudden the chain, which bound it to God's throne,
Snapped with a dire explosion!
On wheeled the desolate — the burning orb
Swift through the heavens!
Down, down it plunged — then shot across the expanse,
Blazing through realms, where light had never pierced!
Down, down it plunged —fast wheeling from above,
Shooting forth flames, and sparks, and burning brands,
Trailing from shade to shade!
Then bounding, blazing —brighter than before,
It plunged extinguished in the chaotic gulf!

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