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Isa Knox (Иса Нокс)


IT falls before, it follows behind,
  Darkest still when the day is bright;
No light without the shadow we find,
  And never shadow without the light.

From our shadow we cannot flee away;
  It walks when we walk, it runs when we run;
But it tells which way to look for the sun;
  We may turn our backs on it any day.

Ever mingle the light and shade
  That make this human world so dear;
Sorrow of joy is ever made,
  And what were a hope without a fear?

A morning shadow o’er youth is cast,
  Warning from pleasure’s dazzling snare;
A shadow lengthening across the past,
  Fixes our fondest memories there.

One shadow there is, so dark, so drear,
  So broad we see not the brightness round it;
Yet ’tis but the dark side of the sphere
  Moving into the light unbounded.

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