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Hector Macneill (Гектор Макнилл)

* * *

I loo'd ne'er a laddie but ane,
He loo'd ne'er a lassie but me; 
He's willing to mak me his ain, 
  And his ain I am willing to be. 
He has coft me a rocklay o' blue
  And a pair o' mittens o' green; 
The price was a kiss o' my mou,
  And I paid him the debt yestreen. 
Let ithers brag weel o' their gear, 
  Their land, and their lordlie degree; 
I carena for ought but my dear, 
  For he's ilka thing lordlie to me:
His words are sae sugar'd, sae sweet!
  His sense drives ilk fear far awa!
I listen -- puir fool! and I greet,
  Yet O! sweet are the tears as they fa'! 
'Dear lassie,' he cries wi' a jeer, 
  'Ne'er heed what the auld anes will say;
Though we've little to brag o' --  ne'er fear, 
  What's gowd to a heart that is wae? 
Our laird has baith honours and wealth, 
  Yet see how he's dwining wi' care; 
Now we, though we've naithing but health, 
  Are cantie and leil evermair. 
'O Marion! the heart that is true 
  Has something mair costly than gear; 
Ilk e'en it has naithing to rue, 
  Ilk morn it has naithing to fear. 
Ye warldlings! gae, hoard up your store, 
  And tremble for fear ought ye tyne;
Guard your treasures wi' lock, bar, and door, 
  While here in my arms I lock mine!'
He ends wi' a kiss and a smile--
  Wae's me! can I tak it amiss? 
My laddie's unpractis'd in guile,
  He's free ay to daut and to kiss! 
Ye lasses wha loo to torment 
  Your wooers wi' fause scorn and strife, 
Play your pranks -- I hae gi'en my consent, 
  And this night I am Jamie's for life. 

Air. -- My Lodging Is On The Cold Ground.

"coft": Bought.
"rokelay": A short cloak.
"gear": Possessions.
"ilk": Each.
"dwining": Pining.
"cantie": Cheerful.
"leal": Loyal.
"tyne": Loss.
"daut": Pet.

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