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Hector Macneill (Гектор Макнилл)

On Admiral Lord Nelson's Sending in the Hour of Victory, a Flag of Truce to Stop the Further Effusion

Again the tide of rapture swells;
    Britannia sees new trophies rise;
Again the trump of vict'ry tells
    That with the brave compassion lies!

In vain the carnage of the field!
    In vain the conquest of the main!
The brave may bleed -- the brave may yield,
    'Tis Mercy binds the brave again!

True to the dictates of the heart
    That melts to pity's godlike glow,
Humanity arrests the dart,
    Half wing'd, to lay the vanquish'd low;

Swift through the battle's thund'ring storm;
    See! deck'd in smiles she takes her stand;
Assumes her Nelson's fav'rite form,
    She lifts her aegis o'er the land!

Struck with the radiance of her shield,
    Returning Friendship warms the Dane!--
The brave may fight! -- the brave may yield!
    Mercy unites the brave again.

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