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John Pierpont (Джон Пирпонт)

Temperance Song

         A Parody

Some love to roam
Where the glasses foam,
And the poison circles free—
But a chosen band,
In a rescued land,
And a Temperance Life for me.
When morning beams
O'er the mountain streams,
Oh merrily forth we go,
To hallow our life,
With a glorious strife,
And to crush our country's foe.
Ho, ho, ho,
Some love, &c.

The snake we mark,
In the bar room dark,
And untempted turn our back,
And the best of cheer,
At our homes so dear,
Oh why should the temperate lack?
For with steady aim
At an honored name,
And hearts that fear no foe,
Our brother to save
From the drunkard's grave,
In the spirit of love we go—
Ho, ho, ho,
Some love, &c.

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