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John Pierpont (Джон Пирпонт)

Come Sign the Vow!

Come, sign the Temperance pledge,
Thou on life's tottering edge,
Come sign the vow!
What though thy hair be gray,
Languid thy pulses play,
Give us thy parting day,
Quick sign the vow.

Manhood, with sinewy form,
Breasting the hard world's storm,
Come sign the vow!
Here, dry thy partner's tears,
Here, hush thy children's fears,
Here, bless thy coming years,
Now sign the vow.

Childhood, with earnest glance,
Hither thy steps advance,
Come, sign the vow!
Haste, thy young promise bring,
Pure, simple offering,
Fresh, from th' Eternal Spring,
Now sign the vow.

Sinner of many cares,
Wilder'd with doubts and snares,
Come sign the vow!
Give us thy trembling hand,
Soon shall foul habit's band,
Break like an osier wand.
Come sign the vow.

Maiden, untouched by care,
Lovely, and fresh and fair,
Come sign the vow!
Turn here thy sparkling eye,
Lend us thy check's soft dye,
In all thy charms stand by,
And sign the vow.

Youth, with thy upward look,
Which not a stain can brook,
Come sign the vow!
On, for thy country's weal,
On, at dear home's appeal,
Take, for thy soul this seal—
Come sign the vow.

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