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John Pierpont (Джон Пирпонт)

The Cold Water Army

With banner and with badge we come,
An Army true and strong,
To fight against the hosts of rum,
And this shall be our song:—
We love the clear cold water springs,
Supplied by gentle showers:
We feel the strength cold water brings—
"The victory is ours."

"Cold Water Army," is our name,—
O may we faithful be,
And so in truth and justice claim
The blessings of the free.
We love the clear, &c.

Though others love their rum and wine,
And drink till they are mad,
To water we will still incline,
To make us strong and glad,
We love the clear, &c.

I pledge to thee this hand of mine,
In faith and friendship strong;
And, fellow-soldiers, we will join
The chorus of our song:
We love the clear, &c.

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