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John Pierpont (Джон Пирпонт)

* * *

Away with melancholy,
Let all our voices ring,—
We've given up our folly,
So merrily, merrily sing.

Too long on land and ocean,
We've served a tyrant king,
Farewell perpetual motion!
We merrily, merrily sing.

Our heads that once were reeling,
Now shun the poisoned thing,
And hearts once lost to feeling,
Now merrily, merrily sing.

We've raised the Temperance banner,
Our bark is on the wing.
May favoring breezes fan her,
We merrily, merrily sing

What though some foes assail us,—
We do not fear their sting,
Our strength shall never fail us,
So merrily, merrily sing.

Then come, ye sober hours,
Life's happiest moments bring,
Our path is strewn with flowers,
So merrily, merrily sing.

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