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Frederick Locker-Lampson (1821-1895)
Frederick Locker-Lampson

The Rating of Frederick Locker-Lampson's Poems

  1. The Cuckoo
  2. At Her Window
  3. Piccadilly
  4. Loulou and Her Cat
  5. On an Old Muff
  6. A Terrible Infant
  7. Rotten Row, Hyde Park
  8. St. Jamess Street
  9. To My Grandmother
  10. The Enchanted Rose
  11. My Mistress's Boots
  12. Susannah
  13. Vanity Fair
  14. The Garter
  15. A Wish
  16. Old Letters
  17. The Castle in the Air
  18. O Tempora Mutantur!
  19. Phœbe, the Nymph of the Well
  20. A Word That Makes Us Linger
  21. The Cradle
  22. A Sketch in Seven Dials
  23. The Widows Mite
  24. The Russet Pitcher
  25. Bramble-Rise
  26. The Old Oak-Tree at Hatfield Broadoak
  27. The Pilgrims of Pall Mall
  28. St Georges, Hanover Square
  29. The Old Clerk
  30. My Life Is A
  31. My Firstborn

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