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Poem by Frederick Locker-Lampson

St Georges, Hanover Square

Dans le bonheur de nos meilleurs amis nous trouvons souvent quelque chose qui ne nous plaît pas entièrement.

She passd up the aisle on the arm of her sire,
A delicate lady in bridal attire,
   Fair emblem of virgin simplicity:
Half London was there, and, my word, there were few,
Who stood by the altar, or hid in a pew,
   But envied Lord Nigels felicity.

O, beautiful bride, still so meek in thy splendour,
So frank in thy love and its trusting surrender,
   Going hence thou wilt leave us the town dim!
May happiness wing to thy bosom, unsought,
And Nigel, esteeming his bliss as he ought,
   Prove worthy thy worship, confound him!

Frederick Locker-Lampson

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